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Driving Innovation and Excellence in Construction

Our team, a dynamic blend of seasoned professionals and innovative thinkers, excels in turning complex construction visions into reality. With a collective expertise spanning decades, we prioritize precision, sustainability, and client satisfaction, ensuring each project is a testament to our dedication and skill.



Scott Burdette brings over 25 years of hands-on management and problem-solving expertise in construction operations. His proficiency in complex construction forecasting and financial oversight is matched by his effective communication skills, ensuring clients' needs and project goals are not just met but exceeded. With a strong focus on managing information flow during construction, Scott ensures the integrity of working drawings and client visions from conception to completion. His leadership is fortified by ICC, IBC, and UBC licenses, with a proven track record nationwide.


Business Development

With over two decades in senior management, this executive shines in land and home building, holding pivotal roles at Pulte Homes and DR Horton. Renowned for business acumen, strategic planning, and leadership, they've successfully closed over $600 million in deals and marketed real estate above $100 million. Their 25 years in the field cover acquisition, risk management, and development, consistently maximizing returns and client satisfaction. Their expertise in managing complex projects has spurred growth in various prominent organizations.


In Memory of



Jeffrey Gooch is a seasoned construction management executive with 37 years of experience in the global industry, managing projects totaling over $1.5 billion. His expertise in diverse project types, coupled with his strategic vision and attention to detail, ensures high-quality, timely, and budget-conscious project completion. Jeff's leadership emphasizes team collaboration, effective communication, and cross-cultural competence, underlining his commitment to innovative, sustainable construction practices.



Greg Blackburn has significantly impacted urban development in Henderson and Las Vegas. His career trajectory from Building Inspector to Assistant City Manager reflects his commitment and expertise in urban management. With an MBA and Public Administration qualifications, Greg has played key roles in Planning & Zoning, Public Works, Utilities, and Building & Fire Safety. A Certified Building Official with 10 International Code Council Credits, he upholds the highest safety and efficiency standards. Greg's strategic leadership has driven growth and enhanced living standards in both cities, showcasing his dedication to community improvement and urban development.